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S6 Delayed indefinitely

Posted: February 01, 2018

First off, we would like to thank everyone who has participated in the five seasons that WSL has hosted. We feel that WSL has improved season after season, with more interest with every new season as the participating teams have increased. S5 proved that we could stand alone with prizing and develop a great competitive relationship with the teams. Our staff increased, we started to reach out more on the social side, and although we hit a few bumps on the way, S5 was our most successful season ever.

Unfortunately, as good as it was, we uncovered some issues that need to be addressed for WSL to continue. Because of that, we have decided to delay S6 indefinitely. We are going to re-evalutate our position in the competitive community and decide the best way forward. The Discord server will remain online and be available to those that want a place to chat, find a team, or schedule scrims. Any news will be posted to the Discord and to the website as it comes out.

Again, thanks to everyone for playing and their support.

WSL Admins

S5 Prize Pool

Total Contributed: US$2000

Contributors as of 10/23/2017 11:04 AM
[-I-]S_L_A_P ($100)
Valkyrie417 ($10)
HMS_Thunderwolf ($10)
Vas79 ($200)
Anonymous ($25)
_TheSneakySnake_ ($100)
_daft ($25)
_tube_ ($100)
jcf150 ($50)
RoachGod ($25)
Goliath654 ($100)
Chase_the_1 ($50)
Sly_Fi ($50)
Anonymous ($100)
Iris_ ($10)
Anonymous (25)
Rowdy's Raiders ($100)
FreshSqueezed ($10)
DaNgEr_KiTtY ($12.76)
Umaroo ($25)
Harley Quinn ($50)
pck3 ($10)
Victob ($12.24)
QQmore ($50)
Ducati_Black ($50)
Keggur ($10)
Aged_Beef ($80)
Your_SAT_Score ($16)
thebigm145 ($14)
SubW3 ($50)
400_Babies ($10.12)
Anonymous ($6.21)
Kebobstuzov ($6.66)
Eclaire ($50)
Ihasa ($65)
Cruiser_Montpelier ($10)
Alpaca_Emperor_Alex ($50)
HellaCopterRescue ($25)
SKsniper128 ($250)
Master_Jedi_Giavonni ($25)
PinkMitsubishi ($7.13)