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Universal Rules for Warship Supremacy League

In partnership with Wargaming North America, Warship Supremacy League presents its Fourth Season

League Administration reserves the right to change, modify, add, subtract, or adapt all rules as deemed appropriate by Warship Supremacy League in order to uphold and maintain a spirit of overall fairness and good sportsmanship. The League Administrators also reserve the right to make judgment on cases that are not specifically supported, or detailed in these League rules, or even goes against these rules in extreme cases to preserve fair play and sportsmanship.

By playing in the league you are agreeing to abide by the rules and decisions of League Administrators and referees.

Currently, all team registrations, roster submissions, scheduling, match resolutions, etc., will take place on the WSL forums until such a time as the League Management software becomes available for general use. Once the software is available, the League will make amendments to this document to require the recording and maintenance of team information via the software. Teams will also be notified to these changes prior to them taking effect.

1.0 - Match Procedure:

1.1 - A match is defined as a set of 3 (or potentially 5 in a playoff) individual games. The first team to win 2 games (or 3 in a playoff) is the winner of the match.

1.2 - A violation of any of the following match procedures may result in a game or match forfeit. ANY match forfeiture will result in a 2-0 win for the opposing team;  any wins by the forfeiting team will not be credited.

1.3 - Matches will be 20 minutes long.

1.4 - Matches will be played in a 9 v 9 format.

1.5 - In the event teams cannot field 9 players, a maximum of 2 bots may be used. If a team still cannot field a complete team, or is unwilling to use bots, they will forfeit the game.

1.6 - Maximum ship tier is 8.

1.7 - The maximum number of ship types for a game: 1 Aircraft Carrier, 3 Battleships, 3 Premium,  4 from a single nation. For Season Four, Lo Yang is considered a  Benson class (American) ship. Takao is considered an Atago (Japanese) all other ARP Ships are considered Japanese non-premium ships.

1.8 - Home Team will be designated on the schedule page, will be responsible for hosting the training room, and is slotted as Team 1 for the entirety of the match. During playoffs, the team with the higher win record will have the choice of home or away team for the match. In the event of equal records, a coin toss will determine who gets the higher seed.

1.9 - Once the home team has established the training room and has all of their players situated the visiting team will be informed and may begin entering when they are ready.  Once the first visiting team player has entered the remainder of the team must be in the training room within 1 minute.

1.10 - In the event that a player accidentally drops early into the training room his team must follow him into the room within 1 minute or accept a game forfeit. Teams that repeatedly drop players in and out of the training room will be subject to a match forfeit.

1.11 - Once a player has entered the training room that player is locked into the training room, specifically in the ship that was chosen.  A player who disconnects from the training room may rejoin, they must return in the ship they were in at the time of the disconnect. If a player substitution must occur in the training room , the unit leader must announce the substitution and the sub must step into the same ship within 2 minutes. Bots may be used for substitutions. If a substitution cannot be made, the team may forfeit that game and use the 10 minute break to replace the missing player, subject to roster validation.

1.12 - There will be 10 minutes allotted between games to change players, ships or strategies; breaks of more than 10 minutes will result in a forfeit of the game.  The Home Team will be in charge of watching the time; however, Away Teams are strongly encouraged to also watch the time. This time limit is defined as the end of one game, to the moment that both teams drop into the next match, and includes all the time in between.

2.0 - Scheduling Procedure:

2.1 - Season schedule will be posted on the WSL website ( prior to the season start. This schedule will include maps, game modes, and opponents for the entire season.

2.2 -  Matches may only be played Saturday and will start at 21:00 ET for match one and 22:30 ET for match two.

2.3 - If required and if both unit leaders agree, teams may choose to reschedule a match within 8 days of the original match date. WSL Admins must be informed of any match reschedule.

2.4 - Any team that fails to field a team for a scheduled match will forfeit the match. Three forfeits in a season may result in removal from the League.

2.5 -  All matches will be self-reported via the WSL League Management Dashboard. The home team is required to report the match. Screenshots are not required unless the match results are in dispute.

3.0 - Team/Player Eligibility and Rosters:

3.1 - In order to be eligible for Warship Supremacy League, teams must register themselves on the WSL forums, submit a roster, and notify league officials of their intention to compete.

3.2 - All players must be rostered. Rosters must include a minimum of 12 players and a maximum of 20 players. Playing an unrostered player will be cause for game and match forfeits.

3.3 - A player who has not been rostered on a Supremacy Team at any point in the season is eligible to added to a roster without the 8 day cooldown period.  Roster additions maybe be made by any team as long as they have space and the player is eligible until their first match of the week.  Once teams have started their first match they may no longer make roster additions for that week.

3.4 - All player names on the roster must be the actual in game name (IGN). Any discrepancy may result in a game or match forfeiture.

3.5 - Individual players may only play for one team at a time. Any player that changes teams will not be eligible to be rostered on their new team until after an 8 day cooldown period.

3.6 - Rostered players may only play in the League on one account. Any use of alt accounts, even if used on the same team, is a violation of league policy and will be dealt with appropriately by league administrators.

3.7 - Team leaders are responsible for maintaining their rosters via the WSL forums. Roster problems should be sent to

3.8 - Rosters will be locked 2 weeks prior to the end of the season.

3.9 - Violations of player eligibility and rostering will result in penalties ranging from game or match forfeiture to player and/or team expulsions from the League, depending upon the severity of the infraction.

4.0 - Team Relegation, Divisions & Qualifying Tournaments

4.1 - Team movement between divisions will be based on the following criteria:

1) Teams that were in the top two or bottom two of their division will move up or down accordingly based on their standing at the end of the season. (Example Team 3 and Team 4 finish in 1st and 2nd place in Silver Division, they move up to gold for the next season).

2) If there is no division for a team to move to then they will remain in the division in which they finished the season.

4.2 - In order for a team to be considered as returning from the previous season the following criteria must be met:

1) The team must have have as a minimum 8 returning players from the previous season, and those players must appear on the roster at the end of the season.

2) The team must retain the same name from the previous season, or if the name has changed must have informed league officials.

Any team that fails to meet this criteria will be considered a new team.

4.3 - Any team that removes itself from the league or is removed by League Officials may be treated as a new team for the purpose of any future seasons.  They may also be denied entry depending on the reason for their removal.

5.0 - Standings, Tie Breakers & Playoffs:

5.1 - A League game cannot end with a draw. A winner and a loser are to be set for each League game. If a game ends in a draw then it must be replayed.

5.2 - For each win or loss in a best of series, teams shall be awarded one win or loss accordingly. In the event of a tie, teams will replay the game so that each match has a winner and a loser.

5.3 - At the end of the regular season, team participation and seeding in the playoffs will be determined by their Win-Loss record. For Season Four, the top eight teams will make the playoffs and will be based off a traditional tournament bracket, where the team with the best record will play the team with the worst record for quarter finals and up.

5.4 - Tie breakers will be based off the tied teams’ record facing each other during the season, with the better performing team receiving the higher playoff seed. (Example: Team 1 plays Team 3 twice, Team 1 wins the first match 2-0 and Team 3 wins the second match 2-1. At season’s end Team 1 and Team 3 are tied in position, based on Team 1’s three victories over Team 3 (versus Team 3’s two victories),  they will receive the higher seed position.) In the event that both teams remain tied a best of 3 playoff will be played to determine the higher seed.

6.0 - Game Settings:

6.1 - Flags: Currently all flags, premium modules, camouflages, etc. are allowed within the League.

6.2 - Ships: Currently all released ships (with the exception of Flint) up to Tier VIII, premium and non-premium, are allowed within the League.

6.3 - Commanders: Currently all released commanders are allowed.

6.4 - Skills: Currently all captain skills are allowed.

6.5 - Allowed Mods: Currently all modifications offered in the Aslain’s mod pack are legal to use in the League. League Administration reserve the right to ban any game modification (before or during a season) if it offers an unfair advantage for players or teams.

6.6 - Banned Mods: “Warpack” and other similar mods are permanently banned within league, and any usage will be considered as cheating and will result in permanent bans from league play as well as a report to Wargaming.

7.0 - Match Streaming, Replays, & Video:

7.1 - Supremacy League reserves the right to stream every match. If a team does not wish to play in a streamed match, they may choose to forfeit that match.

7.2 - All league matches may be streamed by league sanctioned streamers as well as individual players.

7.3 - If a match is being streamed by a League Streamer the procedure is as follows:

Two Streamers:

7.3.1 - The streamers will drop onto opposite sides of the lobby in a CV and upon game start immediately torpedo themselves. Teams may begin to maneuver while the streamers are self-torping their CV's. Failure to follow this or any other problems caused in the process may be grounds for a match restart at any point in the match. Both sides must have a CV to kill.

One Streamer:

7.3.2 - In the event of only one streamer, a league official will be used to balance the sides. If no official is available, then a bot will be used to balance the sides. The team with the bot will be required to kill it immediately, and no ships on either team may move until both CVs have been destroyed. In the event that the bot CV is out of range, the team with the bot is allowed to maneuver one ship into range to kill the bot. The bot ship will be unarmed and static.

7.3.3 - During streamed matches that include only one streamer, both teams CV’s may launch their planes in the time it takes for the bot CV to be killed, however the planes must be kept in the same grid square that the CV spawned in until normal movement is allowed.

7.3.4 - All non-player streamers must use at least a 10 minute delay. For playoffs or other events a longer stream delay may be called for by league officials.

7.4 -  Players playing in the League are eligible to stream league matches for other divisions other than their own.  They will be considered League Streamers and be subject to all the League streaming rules.

7.5 - In the event that killing the streamers somehow becomes bungled and offers either team a disadvantage, a restart may be called for within the first two minutes of the match. If this occurs, team leaders MUST IMMEDIATELY call a mulligan, then contact league officials. If a team does not have a referee or streamer on their side to witness or stream the problem, they must have a replay file immediately available for verification with referees if questioned.

7.6 - All Streamers must have the archive option turned on when streaming on behalf of Supremacy League and the video must be archived for at least 14 days. The video must be available to all and not be made private.

8.0 - Server Crashes & Disconnects:

8.1 - In the event of a server crash the game will be replayed as soon as the servers come back online. If the game cannot be played in the same night, the game must be rescheduled.  If one team has a 300 point cap lead, owns the majority of the caps and has at least a six ship lead the match will be considered complete, this will need to be confirmed by both team leads.

8.2 - If a player disconnects or a crash has occurred at THE START of the game, a team may call a mulligan under ALL the following conditions:

8.2.1 - 2 minutes has not passed.

8.2.2 - No ships have been damaged or destroyed.

8.2.3 - The team with the disconnect IMMEDIATELY announces the disconnect and their intent to mulligan.

8.3 - If a mulligan is called, each team should proceed to quit out of the training room in order to reset it. Within five minutes of all ships being returned to port, both teams must create, join the training room with EXACTLY the same fleet configuration, and launch the game under the game conditions. Changing fleet configurations or delaying dropping into the match will result in a game forfeit.

8.4 - Each team has ONE mulligan for a match during the regular season (3 games) and 2 for a match during playoffs (5 games).

8.5 - In the event a League Admin restarts a match the procedure will be the same as a team calling a mulligan.

9.0 - Cheating, Exploits, & Unsportsmanlike Conduct:

9.1 - If a player is found to be cheating, hacking, and/or using illegal customizations during league play, any matches played by the user for the team the player is on at the time of the detection (not the time of the ban), in addition to any matches played for any other team after the time of the detection, will be overturned. Player will also be banned from the League for at least the remainder of the season.

9.2 - Bugs and map exploits are illegal, regardless of intent.

9.3 - A ringer is a player that plays on an account that doesn’t belong to them. If a team is caught using a ringer, any match wins involving said player will be overturned and the player will be banned from the League for account sharing. At League Administration's discretion, the leader of the team who had a ringer can be banned from league play for a week.

9.4 - If a player is found to be evading a ban by either the League or by Wargaming, any winning matches on any team that the player has played in the last 30 days will be overturned.

9.5 - Any other unaddressed exploits and infractions will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis, but standard resolution for infractions include overturning the game in which the infraction occurred. At League Administration’s discretion, the player who committed the offense may be banned from league play for a week.

9.6 - In order to protect the integrity of the League and League play, the League reserves the right to actively punish players or teams engaging in unsportsmanlike conduct, in all sources both within and outside of the League including but not limited to: matches and lobbies; within streaming; on public or private forums; TeamSpeak, Discord, and other voice and chat applications, etc. The League reserves the right to deny access to the League (websites, forums, etc) to any individual as needed to protect the integrity of the League.

9.7 - Punishments for players, spectators, and associated teams may range from suspensions and forfeitures to permanent bans and other punishments to teams. Minor violations will receive only one warning for a player and their team leader before bans or greater punishments.

9.8 - By entering the League, all teams and team leaders understand and agree to take responsibility for the actions (play, voice chat, in-game and/or text chat, etc.) of all their associated players.

9.9 - The League reserves the right to discipline players for unsportsmanlike conduct, whether it be voice chat, text chat, stream commentary, etc. when said conduct is connected to any League related activity.

9.10 - Examples of unsportsmanlike conduct include but are not limited to:

9.10.1 - Excessive swearing or profanity.

9.10.2 - Harassment of individual players or teams.

9.10.3 - Failing to follow League official instructions.

9.10.4 - Directly insulting someone using hate speech that targets a specific group (race, religion, gender, disability, etc.).

10.0 - Dispute Resolution:

10.1 - After any “on field” decision has been made, teams and players must accept the ruling and return to play as advised. Further discussions, arguments, or a refusal to follow direction may result in match forfeitures and other penalties for teams and players as determined by League Administration.

10.2- All disputes must be submitted to the WSL forums within six hours of the conclusion of the match along with the specific match information, infraction, and any replay or video attached. Disputes will be resolved by either League Administrators or referees, and all decisions are final.

11.0 - Support and Administration:

11.1 - Any questions about this Universal Ruleset should be addressed by posting on the WSL forums (preferred). You may also talk to League Administration on the League Discord or send an email to administration.

11.2 - Do not use in game chat or messaging.

League Administrators:

Vas79 (Ruleset, Disputes)

Macabe(Ruleset, Disputes)

Cael Voltek (Technical)





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